mrs. O'leary

The most common enemy of a Demigod are hell hounds. A hellhound is a dog from the Fields of Punishment and a servant of Hades. Hellhounds are feared by half-bloods, though there are some exceptions, like Mrs. O'Leary.

Hell hounds are big dog-like creatures, but to mortals they only look like a really big normal dog, like a black poodle maybe. They are pets to Hades, but most of them are evil and their essences are from Tartarus.


You, your friends, souls, whatever they can get their paws on really.


Wild, crazy, and playful.

Tips for demigodsEdit

  • Absoloutly do not throw knifes at Hell Hounds. Be careful of their teeth.
  • If you are attacked by one an you don't have a weapon try to RUN and get the **** out of there.
  • Stab anywhere and make sure they don't bite you.