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Physical DescriptionEdit

Lycan's are a crossbreed of human and wolf, and there are many various ways to be "created" as a Lycan. Some are good, some bad. But they'll remain anonymous for you to find out.

Lycan's, (in wolf form, obviously) take on the the looks and size of a very large wolf, but their fur is usually thicker than normal wolves and their eye colour varies a little more. Their snouts are just a little larger than normal wolves', (see picture at right) and their ears can tend to be generally longer as well.

Their paws are sometimes even larger than normal for their terms; in this case, they just had a bad transformation and the next time all will be normal. Usually, as a Lycan child or newbie gets used to their new powers, their transformations will be a little less controllable and more painful. This is where the "werewolf" term comes from, as werewolves cannot control their transformations and no longer remember who they are. They lose all control, and would kill his best friend if he had no hoice.

Forms and PowersEdit


These beings have many powers, such as extra-fast speed, greater hearing, better sense of smell and eyesight, but one main difference between human/wolf form is this: All Lycan's share a common enemy: Vampires. They absolutely lust for Vampire blood, and can sense any Vampire presence for many miles. Lycan's also have very acute tracking and hunting skills, just as normal wolves' do. They are skilled hunters and leaders with their wisdom and strength.


Lycan's have two basic forms:

  • Human
  • Wolf

In human form, all is normal except that they may have slight "glitches" in their hearing or eyesight, and can be a great tracker even in human form.

In wolf form, almost every single thing changes except the Lycan's personality. That always remains the same.

Some Demigods are Lycan's, and some are not. Just ask, they'll tell you. Or you can check out the section below:

List of Lycans on this WikiEdit

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