The Grand Army of Olympus (GAO) is a plan for an army created by Warboss95 to combat the Titan forces.

The army consists of demigods, special mortals, monsters, automations or even minor gods who have joined the gods. Recruitment is strictly volentary, people who are forced into service will not be tollerated. All recruits need basic demigod traning and survival traning.

It is supported by an effective GAO economy, which gives the army supplies and other amenities

Organization and army structureEdit

Main Army structureEdit

Legion- 3 battalions(1080 units)- lead by a CHB offical who is deployed with the higest ranking sqaud

Battalion- 3 regiments(360 units)- lead by a commander level squad

Regiment- 3 brigades(120 units)- lead by a major level squad

Brigade- 5 squads (40 units)- lead by a sergent level squad

Squad- 8 units- lead by the squad's leader

Command HierarchyEdit

Army DivisionsEdit

Sub DivisionsEdit

Codes of OrderEdit

These are the 14 codes key to the GAO army.

Order 1: If a majority (50% +1) of an army votes that a squad is a potential threat to the principles of GAO forces, Order 1 gives the army the right to detain the acused squad, using none lethal methods only. The acused squad will then be taken to the Head of Command for a trail. This may also apply to individual soilders

Order 2: If the majority (50% +1) of the Head of Command votes that a squad is a potential threat of GAO forces, Order 2 is given to safe squads for them to find the acused squad and capture them, none lethal methods only. The acused squad will be handed to the Head of Command who will hand the acused squad to a Major god for a trial. This may also apply for individual soilders

Order 3: If a squad/soilder has been proven to be a threat to GAO forces, Order 3 is given as a warrent to capture the guilty squade/soilder, lethal methods are permitted

Order 4: A Squad's Recon Officer may be given a letter maked Order 4, onside will be information on a certian person who hey muct assassinate

Order 5: If there is an extreme istrubance in human law (crime, murder etc..) Local squads are given Order 5 to secretly sort out the problem. If any humans witness any "events" their minds must be wiped at all costs.

Order 6: In the event that a Waaagh has formed and favors GAO, all squads are to escort all greenskin tribes they come across to duty.

Order 7: In the event that a Waaagh has formed and is hostile to GAO, all squads are to terminate all greenskin tirbes that they come across.

Order 8: If The Head of Command has voted that a certian CHB offical is unfit for duty they are to be detained for debriefing

Order 9: If a CHB official has been proven a threat to GAO they are to be terminated on sight

Order 10: If the 12 Olypians have vote the Head of Command unfit for command, all squads are to detain the members, lethal methods are permitted if need be. The Olypians will then create a new Head of Command. Which may have members form the previous council.

Order 11: If an alliance between GAo and a certian force (Elf army, Dwarf hold, Waaagh etc..) has be broken, squads are to terminate any members of that force they have with them.

Order 12: If the Titan Army has surrenderd, All Squads are ceasefire and report to Camp Half-Blood

Order 13: If the Army is of no use all squads are disbanned and are to report to Camp Half-Blood for rotation home.

Order 14: If a new threat has risen all former soilders are given Order 14 to be reinstated for duty if they are of fighting condtion &nbsp