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    September 12, 2010 by TheTheif

    So...most of you know I'm the "Portal-Guardian" or something. And that I believe that Fate leads me wherever for a reason. Well, me and Zach decided it would make a good blog so here it is.

    (P.S. This can also be helpful in the war, which is a main reason I posted it here)

    We ain't done until every-single one of us is down

    (P.P.S. If ya don't read this, you won't know what the friggin hell I'll be talking about on this Wiki xD)

    Okay, before we get down to anything, this little paragraph is just about the general idea of Portals.

    The ancient Greek's viewed the Portals as natural disasters, or natural miracles.

    Disaster, DIY:

    • Hurricanes were thought of as the Gods way of "opening a "new can of worms"" to the cities caught in them.
    • If you were caught…

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