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So...most of you know I'm the "Portal-Guardian" or something. And that I believe that Fate leads me wherever for a reason. Well, me and Zach decided it would make a good blog so here it is.

(P.S. This can also be helpful in the war, which is a main reason I posted it here)

We ain't done until every-single one of us is down

(P.P.S. If ya don't read this, you won't know what the friggin hell I'll be talking about on this Wiki xD)

Portals First (today's "generation", generally)

The idea of Portals...or so, as the Greek's saw it

Okay, before we get down to anything, this little paragraph is just about the general idea of Portals.

The ancient Greek's viewed the Portals as natural disasters, or natural miracles.

Disaster, DIY:

  • Hurricanes were thought of as the Gods way of "opening a "new can of worms"" to the cities caught in them.
  • If you were caught in a flood at 12 AM where two sidewalks met crookedly, you'd find yourself sitting in paradise. A far away paradise. This was the Acemedes Portal, and hence the name, Acemedes, who was the first person to ever witness this great "miracle". The poor fellow was just walking down Ol' Memory Lane when the water crashed over him and washed him to the streets "Panic Ave." and "What the Hell just Happened St". When he opened his eyes, the lucky (or unlucky) man was in new, dry clothes at a nice, sandy beach.

What they "feed" off of...well, their many sources that keep them running.

Portals have many varying resources that keep them running and spinning our great, big, world around.


  • Portals feed off of many stories, folktales, and lore. The strongest story ever was that of King Arthur, Merlin, Morganna, and the Kingdom of Camelot. This tale is what opened the eyes of future writers, then and today.
  • Another great, great, GREAT story referring to Portals is (drumroll, please) INKHEART! Our friend Mr. Silvertounge here, reads characters out of a book. This Portal he uses is called a Patronage Portal.
  • The Portals feed off of books. This is more in detail in the last few paragraphs, but I'll give you a few head-pointers here.
  • Portals also feed off of:
  1. Stories, Folktale, and Lore. I already said that.
  2. Dreams. This is the second main thing they feed from. They shape dreams into reality, and the souls trapped in between reality and Dreams are called offings. Offings can see and manipulate Fate, but to their extention, it is unknown. They usually are good manipulators, but they must find their own powers and their own path.
  3. Imaginitive Thinking. Every time someone makes something up, an invention or a dream-reality or the like, a portal grows stronger.
  • None of these "resources" will damage our daily lives, but if we stop hoping, wishing, dreaming, we are all..well, killing off Portals.

Well-Known Portals around the world

There are many Portals, but I'll only name a few you might know in NA. Whether they are Egyptian(Obliesk), Greek(Shrine), Norse(Palas), or any other culture, you had better write these down. If you give a damn about it. -shrugs- Your choice.

(p.s. i won't say exactly where. Only the cities.)

  1. In North America
  • Bar Harbor, Maine (Obliesk)
  • Newport, Vermont (Obliesk)
  • Lake Placid, New York (Shrine)
  • Buffalo City, New York (Shrine, Obliesk)
  • Kingston, New York (Palas)
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Shrine, Obliesk)
  • Coudersport, Pennsylvania (very close to me, in fact...) (Obliesk)
  • Williamsport, Pennsylvania (Shrine)
  • Bristol, Rhode Island (Shrine)
  • Sommerset, Maryland (Shrine, Palas)
  • Orlando, Florida (Shrine)
  • Woodstock, Illinois (Shrine, Obliesk, Palas)
  • Austin, Texas (Shrine)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Obliesk)
  • California, U.S.A. (idk where exactly; i think its a Shrine)
  • Northern Newfoundland, Canada (Shrine)
  • Toronto, Canada (Shrine, Obliesk)
  • Thunder Bay, Canada (Palas, Shrine))
  • Winnipeg, Canada (Palas, Shrine, Obliesk)
  • Calgary, Canada (Shrine)
  • Great Bear Lake, Canada (Palas)
  • Iqaluit, Baffin Island, Canada (Palas)
  • Anchorage, Alaska (Palas)
  • Point Hope, Alaska (Palas)
  • Fairbanks, Alaska (Palas, Shrine, Obliesk)
  • None known in Hawaii that are bigger than a spec of snow

The Guardians

Yeah, yeah. It sounds cheesy, or like that stupid movie about the owls. The "Guardians of Gahoole". Something of the like. Anyways, you probably think I'm fake and this is all BS. Well, it's not, and if you think that, then why the hell are you even reading this? Yeah. I said it. PWN. Anyways, sorry. ADHD...losing track again.

The era of Portals began some billion years ago, in the times of the "Cave-Men". They didn't know it of course, but every time the "Cave-Men" would invent something new, a portal was opened to the "world" of the physics of that invention. Every inventor was the protector of their own portal. Basically, that's why they didn't live long years. They didn't know what they were doing, so most destroyed their own portals by mistake, and, well, died.

The Greek version of Portals is similar, but a little more confusing. Read on if you dare. -shrugs-

"The warrior looked up to the sky, his face paled bu the blood around him. An angels voice, sweet as the juices of the fruit they had been supplied with, spoke from the heavens,"'You, Ascrius, have been granted fortune by the Gods. However; you displease your father and mother with your strategic display, and now you shall pay. For seven nights and seven days, you shall sit alone on an island away from man. You shall invent something new each day, and pray that the gods deem it worthwhile. If not, beg to Hades that your life be spared. This day onward, so be it, Amen."

Get it? Mr. Ascrius here obviously was a demigod caught in conflict like us. My guess is that he displeased the Gods with his crappy battle-field strategy, planning, and performance, so that's why he was marooned all alone, sunk in his own little thoughts. This is the Greek version of the original tale of the Portals. The Angel told him that for 7 days and nights, each day, he'd make something new. Just like the "Cave-men". And each time he invented something, he opened 1/7 of a portal. That is why he was marooned for 7 days and 7 nights. The portal that he created at the end is called "Ascrius Alba". Alba is the prefix, and Ascrius the noun. It means "The wrong-doers' Door". Well, it was longer years and years back, but like everything else, it was simplified down to "Ascrius Alba". And by the end of the 7 weeks, he had at last pleased the Gods with his inventions. They are listed in the next section.

Ascrius's inventions

If you actually read the "story" above, you don't need me to explain this part. But I didn't mention that all he had to "brainstrom" with was some paprys "paper", some smelted-down ore, stone tablets to record stuff, some trees, and axe, stones, and a net.

This is the list of the know inventions of Ascrius (in sequence order):

  • Pulley systems
  • The common wheel-and-axle
  • Catapults
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Windvane
  • Crane
  • Winch

Yeah, you might say someone else invented that. But that's the Mist acting up. Take it easy, breathe deeply and all will be well.

Where the Guardians get involved (this is the most important part, I should think)

Here's where the meat gets REALLY juicy. Put on your best ears and listen up.

Like I mentioned before, each time a new thing was invented, the inventor became the Guardian of his own portal, and with it, his life. But as more and more inventions just kept right-on coming, some Greek Astronomers realized that the alignment of stars was "the key to success". So, again unknowingly, they opened a portal. this might be one you know: Orion's Belt. yep. I said it. Your head about to pop yet?

Orion's belt erupted when the Greeks invented the telescope and scales because they understood that what they needed to know was "written" in the stars. Well, some of it anyways. And so, when that first astronomer put his little Greek eye through that little telescope, he saw the world's very-first Galactic Portal. Technically, if you go through a Galactic Portal, space time compresses so much you're nothing than a spec when you come out of it. Like the Black Hole in space. Or Saturn's ring. Bet that was a whopper in the face.

Okay, now to the point (erm, half-point)...

The Guardians were doing real swell, booming in fact, and there were no less than 2,500 Portals opened in the whole Galaxy. But when the Crusades began and the more expeditions there were, this number was reduced to about 666. Yep. Satan's number. I'll tell you why it is. It's got nothing to do with the Bible. Well, it does, but not to us Guardians. See, the 666 is the "lucky number of the Devil" because when the portals were reduced, the world became "sick". Infaturated, riddled with disease, it began to crumble. Many of the Guardians were taken by war or by simple thugs alone. And like I said (two times; you better had been listening), each time a Guardian was killed, the portal was killed as well. That's when our dear world here started going d-o-o-o-wn hill-low whistle-

By the Mideval Age, there was only about 500 Portals left. Gosh, I sure as heck can't name 'em all, but that was still a very dangerous level at the time. See, the more Portals that failed, the more bad the world became. More crime, plauges, swarms, death, birth, accidents, all that shit. Because the Portals were key to keep the world "a-spinnin'". Okay: write this down on paper: The fewer Guardians, the more of a living Hell the world became. Simple. How easy is THAT to remember? Times two? Three? -snort-

In the Mideval Ages, the Druids came. This meant: World=happy again, peace restored. Write that down too. Druids make world :) and peace smiles on us all. It's true. They were so connected to Nature, they could feel the sands shifting and nature crying for release. So, they made more Portals. By magic. (You can "oooooh---aaaaaah" now) And these portals are called: (drumroll please) TOADSTOOL RINGS!!!!! Ding-Ding-Ding we have a winner! if you ain't never heard of them, you're seeing the doctors this Thursday at twelve sharp. Be there. -shrugs-But yeah. The Toadstool rings are the most common. Here's a little secret (this is hush-hush now, betwene us, okay?): If you stand in a Toadstool Ring at exactly 12 AM with a yew stick on one hand and a meditation stone (any smooth river-rock) in the other, and sit Native-style, you will hear the whispers of the Old-Ones, the real guardians. Which is what I'm getting to next.

Okay, I lied. THIS is where the meat gets juicy.

Alright, read the title, now lets get to the point.

The Old-Ones were the peoples who are the ancestors of those who crossed the landbridge connecting Asia an North America.

The Natives, in other terms. They were the real Guardians because they understood the balance of life to such a great extent, the portals did a little auto-switch. They turned from the creators doors to the feeders of dreams, imaginative thinking, expressing through stories, and the like. (Bloody Hell do my fingers hurt) And the Natives were the greatest dreamers, imaginers, writers. they believed so much in one thing, their Faith is what saved us all. So, you have them to thank for the world today.

The Maya Prophecy (BS Detector: BLARING LIKE HELL)

Okay. By now you get the main gist, but here's even more stuff to digest. The Maya Prophecy or -snorts- 2012. I'll tell you one thing here and now: It's all BS. Okay, the Maya got a Prophecy of the extinction of Mankind. But they interpreted it wrong. Because they created their Calendar on the sixth year of the sixth "great expedition", they deemed that every six years for the rest of time that a new great disaster would cause the extinction of Mankind. But they were QUITE wrong here. See, the Prophecy didn't mean until after the overthrowing of the Olympians, Titans, God, Jesus, and all other immortals. That's when were in lots of trouble. But not for...oh, say, 3 million years or so. So it's all cool for now.

You're probably thinking, "what the hell does this have to do with the topic"? Well, I shall tell you. The Prophecy ALSO said that the extinction of Guardians wouldn't happen if the Natives accepted explorers (Like Christopher Columbus) into their Nations. So they did. And look what happened; The-explorers-took-everything-over-made-themselves-all-high-and-mighty-and-acted-like-complete-dickheads-to-the-Native-peoples. Damn, isn't that one great, big, mouthful? But it's true. That's where I come in. Erm, sort of.

The Last Guardians

Here's where I come in. -grumbles- ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME! Anyways, about 700 years before the Maya Prophecy (again; BS), a high council of Guardians that were lo-o-o-ng gone had another Prophecy. They are known as the Order of the Stars, and to all Guardians, are the highest ranking of "Gods". They are the most well-known or dedicated Guardians, and offer advice to new ones.

Their prophecy went like this:

Gods and Demons,

We must team them,

Teach them and poke them and make them see them.

A child of the family, the Olympians so they're called,

Shall tell this child what they will cause to fall.

That Guardian's stance shall create a preservance,

In whom shall create a new disturbance.

This child of the Godly beings,

Will be the Portal Protector of the seeings.

The one who bears the child's blood, will be the greatest Abbot,

The seeker, the seer, the final one of sabot.

-Taken from a reading of: "The Holy order of Stars Divinity, Third edition". Um, well, that's "The Idiot's Guide: For Guardians". In a way.

(P.S. An Abbot is a completely, 100% bad-or-good Guardian)

Great. And guess who that kid is? -points- You? Nope. You got the wrong answer. Try again. You -points- DING-DING-SING. 20 points! Yep. Me. Of course. -rolls eyes- It doesn't make me special, trust me. I know it's me because I'm the last, IDK any others, and it is what it is. Don't make me break out my flying monkeys. And it means that since I'm the last, we're all doomed. Nah, just joking. See, kinda like "Zala" -rolls eyes and snorts- (sorry, had to get that out) I protect the balance of the world. Get out your pen and paper, here's another fact: Like Zala I protect the balance of Life. The balance between Life and Death. Mostly of Life. But close enough. See, if Portals fail, the world ends. Simple -shrugs- However, UNLIKE Zala, I'm not a liar or coward -snorts- I can't believe she was my hero...

The conclusion

So, in terms, I'll sum it up.

Key Pointers:

  • The Portals run the laws of the world and make us go 'round and 'round. They feed off of Dreams, Inmaginitive thinking, Stories, and today, books.
  • Any child who has the "Old-Ones" blood in them could be a possible Guardian. Yeah, there are lots of Native cultures still thriving. But they've advanced to the point of oblivion. 'nuff said.
  • Every time an author writes a book, a Portal opens to their mind. What they see, their world, their laws, their characters. Basically it's impossible.
  • And here I am. I'm no greater than you, I'm normal except I just protect some life-or-death crap.
  • I might be the last, I might not be. Who knows.
  • I'll say this here and now: Yes, I am the child of the prophecy. Raugus (fucking traitor) told me. My dad was the third left known when he was one, and my grandfather...went crazy. See, if a Guardian denies their job, their powers on the inside will start busting up and drive them crazy. An..if they accept it, they usually...Die young. The one who lasted the longest lived for about 500,000 years. Cause he was a God. But others generally only make it into their late 40's or 50's. -shrugs- Who knows what Fate has planned. (again, i believe in Fate's reasons)
  • Ask questions in the section below.

Thanks. IDK if this helps at all, but hey, when you're 12 with an awesome BF (Zach) and some pretty strong self-confidence, that's pretty good.

AND: I wrote that all myself out of my history and future. It's all up to Fate with me.

ALSO: PLEASE DON'T EDIT THIS! I took nearly and hour to write it.

FINALLY: I'll add some pictures one day. IDK. Tommorrow. Today. -winks- It's all down to Fate.

We ain't done until every-single one of us is down

Questions? Ask 'em here and I'll do my best.

(Authors Note: Before you ask, I cannot take on an apprentice. Sorry. Just..too...Immature. ALSO: DO NOT BE SCARED TO ASK ANYTHING. I'LL ANSWER IT EVEN IF YOU ASK ME WTFH A GUARDIAN IS. IT'S WHAT I'M "PAID" FOR xD)