A Vulgan is a recently discovered monster. Vulgans are one of the most dangerous monsters known to demigods. Vulgans are also one of the monsters that come out of the Pandorica


They have 10 legs, 5 on each side, and a head about the size of a soccer ball. They have pincers on their head about as long as baseball bats. Their main body looks like a giant dog's. In person they are quite an ugly beastie!


You can only see a Vulgan if you concentrate on all your worst memories. They feed off bad thoughts. A Vulgan can hurt you in many ways. It's main way of attacking is by ripping apart it's enemy with its pincers. Recent discoverys have found that they can control aura.Some Vulgan hybrids are coming into existence as well.

How To Kill A VulganEdit

Vulgans have poor eyesight, so try to attack when it's back is turned. It hates oceanic steel and holy water more than anything. They try to attack you in packs when your defences are lowered, so don't be surprised if you wake up at 12:00 at night with a Vulgan next to your bed about to rip your head off. They also hate bright light. Light Arrows will kill them instantly.

Types of VulgansEdit

These are a few sub-species of Vulgans.